Price List

Our canteen is open each day at recess and at lunchtime.  To order a lunch, a child brings from home a clean paper bag on which is written the lunch order and the child’s name and grade, and the correct money (if possible) is placed inside the bag.  No staples to be used on lunch order bags please.  Re-usable and insulated bags are available for purchase at our canteen or uniform shop.

Each grade is provided with a lunch basket, and orders must be put into the baskets as soon as the children come into school.

Children who forget their lunch will receive a basic lunch from the canteen and their parents will receive a bill.

Our Canteen Manager and a roster of voluntary helpers run the Canteen.  The Canteen Committee is continually updating the roster.  If you feel you can spare a morning on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, you will be made most welcome.  Lunch prices are kept as low as possible, and any profit for the year is transferred to School Council funds.  A Canteen Price List is sent out to all families at the beginning of every school year and updated as required.

Menu items sold in our canteen are identified as ? every day food items and ‘sometimes food’ items recommended as a treat only, not every day


Speech Pathologist

Our school-based speech pathologist provides regular speech therapy sessions for students from grade prep to six who require additional language support.


Student School Banking

The school’s student banking is done with the Commonwealth Bank.  Our bank day is WEDNESDAY.  Volunteer parents organise our banking. 

To open up an account for your child either go to any Commonwealth Bank or through NetBank (for existing customers).  If your child has an existing Youthsaver account they are ready to start School Banking.   


Uniform Shop

Price List

The uniform shop is open on Tuesdays (2.45pm - 3.15pm) and Fridays (8.40am - 9.10am).  

School uniform colours are royal blue and most items can be purchased from the school uniform shop. The Iramoo Primary School Uniform Order Form gives the full list of items available all of which are 'unisex' and can be worn by both boys and girls.

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